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New Nordstrom Canada "True Nord" Campaign

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Nordstrom debuted its first national Canadian campaign, titled “True Nord.” Shot in Toronto by native-Canadian photographer Justin Tyler Close, the included images and videos feature 13 Canadians — models and inspiring non-models — representing various ages, races, religions, sexes and sizes, meant to celebrate locals’ individuality and diversity. 

“True Nord” was inspired by “True North,” a phrase in the Canadian national anthem — ”Nord,” plucked from “Nordstrom,” means “north” in Canada’s co-official language of French. Lines including “strong and free,” “with glowing hearts” and “from far and wide,” also in the anthem, were worked into the commercial’s on-screen text and voice-over.

The campaign will run across digital advertising, TV, YouTube, out of home, social media and the brand’s Canadian website.


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