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Juliette is an actor, a model, a coach and former Miss Hong Kong 2017. At a very young age, she’s trained in several dance styles, performed on countless times on stage and worked in the modeling & commercial industry. From Vancouver, Hong Kong, China and to Toronto, she has many years of experience under her belt in the world of entertainment. She has the genuine and international understanding of the expectations of each given industry, the demands and the work that must be put in to build a career. Nowadays, she’s working with clients to build portfolios and guide them on the right path to success.

  • Miss Hong Kong 2017

  • dance instructor/subbed fitness instructor  

  • catwalk coaching 

  • creative director (photoshoots) and project manager

  • professional dancer for shows in HK

  • skills include acting, singing, dancing/choreographer, martial arts, host, competitive volleyball, french, cantonese



What am I hiring you to do?

“I’m here to help you get things started and be here for you whenever you need it. From simply getting you on the right path, to facilitating a portfolio shoot and planning the process that includes styling outfits, booking MUAs & designers, I will assist you in everything. In technical terms, I will project manage you and give you the tools, the guidance and the autonomy to get your career started. From facilitating a photoshoot to coaching in catwalk, posing or teaching you to ‘exert’ stage presence, you will receive the training you need to eventually be your own agent.”


What do I get?

”Every client has different needs depending on their experience and the direction they want to go to. Baby steps include a photoshoot, referrals, coaching behind the camera and on-going support until you are ready to be on your own! For someone starting completely from scratch, together, I would build a portfolio that is strong and that we can present to agents. It will include coaching and a discussion about the career path you would like to pursue. This is not limited to one-time-only. Once you are my client, you will always be able to reach me for any industry related questions. My job is to make sure you get presented to the right people, that you have everything you need to strive and set expectations so there are no surprises.“


Why should I work with you?

”One thing you should know is that I’m not doing this for the money. I am here to genuinely point people to the right direction so newbies in the industry don’t get scammed (because there are tones)! I want to be able to share my experiences and be able to help those who want to walk a similar path. I love to direct but even more so coach, assist and prep young talents who want to follow their dreams. This is what I want to do.“


After I’m signed with an agency, would I still need you?

”Yes and no. I will always be here for you when I comes to talking to someone who’s in industry. I am here when you have questions about marketing, promoting, presenting yourself to the right audience.“


I can pose, I’ve done photoshoots before -why would I still need you?

”Most people know how to smile and pose. And maybe after 100 takes, we are always hoping that there are a couple of favourable photos. But where I come from, time is money. To capture a genuine laughter to picking the strongest photo to present to an agency -I’ve had the acting, modeling, casting, and judging experience that is needed when it comes to knowing what I’m doing in front of the camera, as well as behind. Like cooking, it comes with intuition!“