"Ishie gets a pretty accurate impression of everyone's personality &needs so that we are able to help improve or make stronger a stage presence/ catwalk. I can tell she is a genuine and kind-hearted person, looking out for her girls."




                         Juliette Louie

                   2017 Miss Hong Kong

                Miss Chinese International

"Ishie老师,谢谢你一直用心的教导,耐心的对待我们,让我学到了很多专业知识 让我学会怎么大胆面对观众 感谢你把我们当作亲女儿般教导 谢谢你"

Tiffany Choi

2017 多伦多华裔小姐竞选 冠军

tiffany final.jpg
summer final.jpg

"Ishie's warm personality made each class fun and memorable. I loved how empowered and confident I left after every class thanks to how inspirational she is. She didn't hold back on sharing the insider tips and tricks that she has learned in her many years of modeling!"

Melody Liang

2018 多伦多华裔小姐竞选 亚军


                       Summer Yang

          2018 多伦多华裔小姐竞选 冠军

melody final.jpg
celine final.jpg


Celine Guo

2017年多伦多华裔小姐竞选 亚军




qinyi fainal.jpg
sisi final.jpg

"She is absolutely stunning and professional in terms of modeling, very enjoyable to work with her in the backstage of New York Fashion Week and annual meeting in Miami."

Romero Jennings


"The moment I met during the Miss Chinese Toronto 2015 Competition, I already could feel her elegance and professionalism. As I got to know her personally, I found her to be one of the most hard-working and responsible woman I've ever met."

Sissi Ke

2015年多伦多华裔小姐竞选 冠军

mac final.jpg